Guerilla sheet mulching

A local friend has started a guerilla gardening project in which I am the support crew. Lovely! The first step is sheet mulching. This patch is beside a railway line that carries local trains and interstate freight. It has been barren and weedy for many years. We cut the weeds down.

We each brought cardboard from our favourite places. We removed staples and tape and laid it out to smother weeds. And then, we went out collecting leaves to hold it down, cover it, and complete the weed barrier.

Here we are, pleased with our efforts!

Here I am another day, ready to go again with my bike trailer, two feed sacks full of leaves and more cardboard.

As the weather cools and we get some rain, we will be back in this spot planting. I love the scale of my friend’s ambition here!


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2 responses to “Guerilla sheet mulching

  1. Sue Hetzel

    How wonderful!

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