Hat, my first!

It seems that hats are one of the sources of intergenerational conflict. Wearing one is essential in the Australian sun. But throwing them off insistently is a regular pastime of small people. So finding a hat that is comfortable, fits well and stays on is an important endeavour. I made this one for the grandbub’s second birthday. The lining is part of a high quality shirt, part f which was passed on to me through a Buy Nothing group once its life as a short was over.

The outer is left over from her favourite pair of pants, and the interfacing is from another very much loved shirt whose time for reincarnation had arrived.

There is a nice piece of hat elastic keeping this hat in place firmly but comfortably, and it can be adjusted. And her mother loves the striped lining! This is the adjustable, reversible fisherman’s hat from Justine Online. This is my first effort at a hat and Justine guided me through it successfully, hooray!

Here we go with mix ‘n clash again!

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