Indigo dyed Cornell shirt

I decided to make the Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles. Then my friend Marion from Beautiful Silks gave me a length of linen she had dyed with indigo. Wow, what a gift! I decided to bring these two together.

Best to concede right away that I had so much trouble getting a picture with an accurate sense of the colour of the indigo! I loved the level of instruction on this shirt. I’ve made a lot of basic shirts but still learned things from the level of instruction provided in the pattern, which is a happy thing.

The indigo dyeing is not uniform across the length of linen, and I love the way this shows up at seams…

Once it was done, I stitched in the year and the place of making (Kaurna Yarta). And then some words inside the collar, like little wishes for myself. And then it came to me that perhaps it wasn’t finished after all. And then one day I started stitching in a quote about hope, by Rebecca Solnit. I am an admirer of her fine mind and beautiful writing. And I have been thinking about hope a great deal in the context of the climate crisis. So I took the #10minofmaking prompt from Felicia at The Craft Sessions, and began stitching and photographing in earnest.

Until one fine day…

It was finished. And I managed to take a number of blurry pictures!


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6 responses to “Indigo dyed Cornell shirt

  1. Rhonda Bradley

    Fabulous shirt especially when you know the provenance of the dye and process. I love making clothes when I know the history of the fabric and or previous garment. My daughter says it is like being with a long term friend , their are usually no surprises, you quietly enjoy each other’s company and look forward to the future together.

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