Transformations: Raincoat to bunting

A friend recently observed that I spend my life engaged in transformation. Such an interesting way to think about the things I do! Today’s transformation began with a raincoat that no longer keeps out the rain. After many years of great service, a friend gave it to me hoping I could reclaim something from it (like the zipper!)

I managed to reclaim two zippers, some wire (keeping the edge of the hood in a defined shape), and the cord and closure for the hood. The once-high quality fabric is a fine shade of red though no longer waterproof, and all the seam seals were pulling away. But… another friend wants bunting for a birthday party for several people to be held outdoors. After that, for a conference.
I still had a cardboard template from my last round of bunting. So, I cut out as many entire triangles and part-triangles as I could. Then pieced a lot of triangles together. And then, out with some bright green curtain gathering tape I was given years ago.
In the end I had 7 metres of red and green bunting, and very little raincoat left. Success!

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