I’ve been continuing to use up my leftover sock yarn. That is going so well, that I’m almost out of sock yarn.

This pair accompanied me on a trip to support my beloved through a very tough period in her life, and the life of her parents. I don’t remember deciding on photographing the sock on top of a Webster (medication) pack though! Thank all that is merciful on the universe, for being able to knit in times of stress.

I have been very entertained by how like and yet unlike, this pair are. The recipient does not want matching socks, but individual socks, like those made by the father of the family in a book they’ve enjoyed. The book sounds very fun, though the idea that all members of a family could fit into the same socks and just pull them indifferently from the same pile of socks when the wash is done? Seems quite implausible (though entirely joyous) to me!

I just kept going from this pair to the next, for the same sweetheart recipient.

I actually got so low on yarn that a friend gave me some of her leftovers, including some Bendigo navy blue.

I remember buying that hand dyed yarn at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. The dyer is a local, Kathy’s Fibres. And I think my friend might have bought some too (we went to teh Show together that year)–so it entertained me some more to find I now had two different sock blends and two different colourways from the same indie dyer… which arrived in time to be part of the same non-pair of socks!

Ooops! The hot chocolate is in focus and the sock is not?? What was the smartphone thinking?

I am really enjoying this project… and beginning to wonder how to tap what I do not doubt is a reservoir of unwanted scrap sock yarn out there somewhere… or return to spinning sock yarn. Or maybe both??


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4 responses to “Socks!

  1. Khendra

    Where you nearer to my place I‘d share some. Haven‘t knitted in ages. But started again some days due to nervous breakdown. Am still too nervous for that but will get back on track I hope

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  2. Kat

    I know a family that does the sock lucky dip thing. Works for them. With the threat of second sock syndrome always looming I think just making a sock everytime is rational, but then my sockmaking is happily very basic. Love the stripes!

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