Ah, mending

My mother-out-law runs to a very fine fabric. And these days, when one of her fine fabrics needs a few stitches, I provide them. Here, a seam pulling apart.

Sorted. But more mending usually comes! This beloved but unravelling jumper came my way.

I must say, I loved the way these unravelling cuffs came back with the application of a crochet hook to pull dropped stitches back into their previous locations–loop within loop within loop.

I love being able to make that much improvement, without even applying a needle or using any new yarn! I had no really matching yarn, and used what little I had, to address more minor damage reasonably invisibly. Here, I chose a visible re-knit to supply the fabric that is no longer there.

The new yarn has not been subjected to the washing of the rest, so I knit a little more rather than a little less in the expectation of some shrinkage.. Fingers crossed that was a good call.

Yes, both cuffs have been mended, just differently. Next, my daughter’s stretch jeans needed some help. The classic rear end mend really…

Apparently I lost interest in documenting that mend–two pairs of jeans! And here is one of the patches on my ancient pyjamas–oh dear, so out of focus. As of the date I’m writing, there are two yellow, one red, one pink, and one blue patch. I’ve been wearing them for years after my daughter cast them off in my direction–to bed, and occasionally to cover up at the beach. They are tired and faded but perfectly comfortable, and I think I’m mending them for my own entertainment, hence the colour scheme!


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2 responses to “Ah, mending

  1. janewheelercouk

    I have been on a roll with constant mending of our fine knitted gloves this winter, for daughter and self, then came an unravelled cuff from my son in law. very much enjoyed seeing the mending or rather, conservation, of Shirley Bassey’s catsuit (worn for one of the Bond movies) on Secrets of the Museum at the V&A, a confection of net and gold tulle supporting kilos of beads, crystals and sequins, see here – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-9783991/Catsuits-forever-Outfit-worn-Shirley-Bassey-spruced-V-museum-new-TV-series.html

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