The first spoons!

That butter spreader making workshop I did with Sam from Folk of All Trades gave me the confidence to try turning the spoon blank that I bought when I invested in a couple of wood carving knives, into a spoon. I’m afraid I have to skip over the blank I brought home from the workshop because it all went very well until I snapped the bowl off the handle! This is the nature of being a beginner. But still disappointing.

Here I am having made my very first concave cuts! It was slow going but I kept reviewing my notes and reading my book on spoon carving… and I kept going.

And eventually I ended up with a spoon!

That was exciting but I had no more wood. Then I was walking from the railway station to my parents’ house and there were some gentlemen cutting a lot from a tree–so I asked if I could take a piece that was on the footpath. I thought I could at the very least practice using an axe with it. It was Ficus Benjamina (weeping fig). And it was lovely to work, so I tried another spoon.

And I ended up with another spoon! Learning new skills is so exciting.


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2 responses to “The first spoons!

  1. Learning new skills is very exciting. When we have ‘Bucket list circles’ at work (Don’t ask), everyone fills their turn with faraway places they want to visit, mine is always a new skill I want to learn. Wood carving and spoon making in particular is on my ‘Bucket List’.

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