Mending for the beloved

My sweetheart buys stretch jeans. She is her own person and makes her own choices, but let it be said that stretch jeans do not wear or mend as well as those that don’t stretch! This is a step by step though mending one pair.

And this is a close up of the finished item. I started the next mend the day she wore these to a job. This mend got so many comments that she thought she might review her request for less visible stitching on the next pair. It was too late! I mended the other pair with a visible patch but most of the stitching holding the bulk of the patch in place is on the inside, and the thread is a linen that blends with the denim so that the little stitches on the outside don’t really show at all. Only those trapping the turned under edge of the jeans around the part of the patch that shows.

These are the steps… and here is the inside!

And the finished mend.

Finally, my beloved’s favourite, lusciously soft cardigan.

This very much loved cardigan belonging to my beloved is made from a very fine wool/cashmere of some kind. And it has worn right through in a lot of places. This one, I’ve managed to take from unravelling–to holding together in a way that doesn’t shout out as much as the unravelling did. It’s not invisible though! I asked for a review today and she said the repair is “basically invisible”… and these photos are a lot closer up than any casual passerby will ever be.


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2 responses to “Mending for the beloved

  1. Love the new look on those jeans! What did you use to mark the lines? I’ve had limited success with the fabric pencils and chalks I’ve bought.

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    • I use a regular pencil mostly. 2B or so… soft enough to leave a good mark. It will wash out and it doesn’t rub off before the job is done the way chalk does! I often wonder if other sewers are cleverer or something because most of the classic ways of making fabric … well, I just can’t make them work for me.

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