Making and mending for my granddaughter

If you have subscribed for a while, you will have noticed me being absent for over 6 months–thanks for sticking with subscribing! I’m looking back over the photos of that period and selecting some that might be of interest. Here is my little love (not so little really!) gardening in a jumper I knit her. I found almost all of this wool in a regional op shop and spent more on the last ball than on all the rest put together. I made two in different colours and they were favourites for a while, now surely outgrown. I think she is investigating worms in the garden here.

Here she is again in her gumboots, mixing up something special in a bucket. I’ve patched her leggings with a contrast stretch scrap fabric sewn in by hand around the edge of the patch and the turned-under edge of the garment. The circle was traced around something dependable, like a mug. It became clear she liked these all the better for the patch, which made my heart sing!

Here is one in a series of hats. I was away from the blog so long I stopped photographing projects in process, and sometimes took no photos at all! I promise that the sewing (etc) still happened! This hat was made from some beautiful Japanese quilting fabric (or maybe it is just quilt-weight?) with scrap cotton drill as the brim interfacing. I bartered the fabric from another participant at a workshop for something I’d made–she had found a stack of glorious fabrics at an op shop. This hat has had a lot of wear–happiness!


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7 responses to “Making and mending for my granddaughter

  1. Rhonda

    Good to see you back, I have been missing you insightful posts.

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  2. Sue Hetzel

    What a hat! I would love to find fabric like that for my fish mad grandson. Will be on the look out for more. I too am glad you’re back with your inspiring ideas.

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  3. Audrey

    That’s what Grannies are for! I’m at the stage of making school uniforms shorter!

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  4. This sounds like my life; constant making, finding and fixing. I neglect my blog for long periods too.


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