The mending continues (of course)

This is a close up of patches I added to my partner’s jeans. I must have had a rush of blood to the head during camellia season…

Here is the less romantic view… and now we return to camellia season, and making something I spent hours doing look more exciting than a pair of very much lived in jeans. Those little spots are tiny (on the outside) stitches keeping the patch in place on the inside. They are made with linen thread that will outlast the jeans.

But wait! There’s more! At this degree of remove, I’m a bit entranced by having wanted a lovely picture of these mends so much I took all of these!

Naturally, sock darning also continues. For my daughter in this case.

Naturally both socks needed mending. And all the original wool is long gone. So these mends are done with whatever seems likely to meet the basic requirements for fibre content and durability–and go close enough, with colour.

Here are the pair.

Here is a sock mend I did for myself. These are bamboo fibre socks. Bamboo fibre is not actually a great choice for the environment it turns out–but I have several pairs I received as gifts, or bought myself, before I understood their impact. Really, the idea that these things are individual choices rather than there being industry standards that prohibit pollution is absolute nonsense. *cough* It’s hard to find socks that I can actually wear with comfort these days, so I don’t want to let them go. I’ve darned them with sashiko thread, which is a sturdy, all-cotton option that is thicker than machine sewing thread–meaning I can darn a hole in this lifetime in a machine knit sock and wear it with comfort.

This is a pretty spectacular looking darn (with yarn I made my mother socks from)–but I can’t remember what I was mending here!

Looking at this image it looks like another pair of my daughter’s socks! This looks like the inside view… and perhaps that is enough mending for now?

…or perhaps there is never enough mending. Keep it up, team!


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3 responses to “The mending continues (of course)

  1. So nice to have you back!

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  2. It is so lovely to see other people mending things too. I sometimes feel very alone in this where I live.


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