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Spinning in the background

I keep forgetting, or simply not finding the time to post.  Apologies, gentle readers.  I’ve needed the making more than I’ve been inclined to post about it this last while.  But I’ve been spinning Malcolm’s Kangaroo Island “black” Merino cross (left), and leftover batts of local Finn cross (right) and clearly there was a day when they posed with leaves and flowers…

When we were at Marion Bay (cough) I carded a lot of wool, and did some blending.

But I’ve also spun up all manner of wool dyed previously, including the last of the earth palette dyed wool.  There was a request for bulky yarn from one friend in particular.  She’s managing the state of the world by knitting a lot of beanies and gauntlets.  So I sent more yarn. And there was some very pale woad dyed wool that went into a vat with soursobs I weeded at someone else’s house.

But the big excitement is the Suffolk/Silk/Kid Mohair blend for #tuffsocksnaturally. The last of which is in the dyepot with some leaves on the day I am drafting this post.  To be continued…



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A new hat and a couple of tea cosies


The hat knitting is continuing… this one is made from the merino/silk blend I spun on holidays with a band of three ply grey Finn wool.  It’s the Swatchless watch cap by Daniel Yuhas, more or less, but he should be absolved of my knitting crimes.  I’ve already cast on my next hat!


There has been a season of casting on, so this is a tea cosy knit from a singles yarn composed of grey Finn, silk, glitterati, sari silk, and thread scraps from a friend’s handpun, hand dyed inkle loom weaving threads.  Too precious to waste!


I like the sprinkling of shiny colours in among the grey wool.  It made me think I should try this technique again.

I have been inviting people who come round for dinner to take a tea cosy home.  Last night we had the luck to have a visit from one of my beloved’s heroines, who was passing through our town for writers’ week.  I was just thrilled when she decided to take that tea cosy home! Speaking of Writers’ Week, I loved the entrance–lots of branches shaped to form an entrance to the gardens where it is held.  The booth to pick up brochures and ask for direction was similarly glorious, and there was a wonderful design of woven branches behind the stage, too.


I liked that tea cosy so much I decided to knit another right away and finish off the skein!  Here you have it, hot off the needles.  Both tea cosies depart from the excellent Fast and Fun Tea Cozy design by Funhouse Fibers (but I get lazy and just make it up as I go along….)



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Textured spinning and trash batts

I went on a weekend away with members of my Guild recently and had a fabulous time chatting, spinning and eating way more than made any sense.  I took some little packs I made up beforehand, each designed to create a skein of yarn. This first one began as Finn cross locks I bought pre-dyed and perhaps a little felted, with curly tips.  Perfect for this technique, I thought.


Here they are as a lockspun yarn, with the teased-out, butt ends of the locks corespun around a crossbred grey wool core that can no longer be seen, and the curly tips on display.


This batt of unloved green fleece that I was given includes some orange silk noil and some pre-dyed mohair locks.


Here it is corespun over that same grey crossbred core.  I learned these two techniques from the fine writing and DVDs of Jacey Boggs.


The trash batt experiments continue!  This is eucalyptus dyed carder waste (and nepps pulled out as I was spinning) carded with white and tan Polwarth locks.


I used it for my first attempt at a  new textured spinning technique–a friend gave me a copy of The Wheel that contained this technique and you can also see it here.  It originates with Steph Gorin, who demonstrates here.  (The video also includes advertising for Ashford.)


Here is the outcome of a batt made with the flick carding waste from the blue lockspun yarn above, and a eucalyptus dyed carder waste and polwarth batt.


Finally, a gratuitous picture of what appears to me to be valerian in flower in my garden.  Which is gorgeous apart from the fact that I bought it because it was soapwort.  It doesn’t look like any soapwort I have ever seen now it is in flower, which makes me glad it wasn’t big enough to harvest until now!



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