Lillypilly fruit


Lillypillies are in fruit around my suburb.  They are the fruit of a large, glossy-leaved forest tree and they stain the footpath in a most impressive and promising manner.  This one is Szygium Smithii (but this is a family of trees some of which are widely grown ornamentally in Australia).  The fruit is edible, but in the case of this species, unexciting in terms of flavour, with a crisp texture and a fairly large seed inside.  On the dye front…  I did not find this an exciting outcome.  Fawn on silk (the card on the right), brown on wool with alum and tan on unmordanted wool.  I think I’ll stick with cooking lillypillies and admiring their enormousness and the spectacle of so much fruit!



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2 responses to “Lillypilly fruit

  1. Teal

    I tried brewing with them once. The result was about as exciting as your lillypilly dyeing efforts. The resulting fluid (I hesitate to call it “wine”) tasted not unlike dettol. Not a success, methinks.


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